Visual + Verbal Product Placement Tracking and Analytics

At Pine Breeze Lab, through our dedicated database Product Placement Blog, we specialize in the detailed monitoring and tracking of visual and verbal product placements across U.S. movies and TV shows. Our comprehensive services are designed to offer brands and companies crucial insights into how their products are presented in various media. Here’s what we can do for you:

  1. Visual Brand Tracking
    • Screen Time and Visibility: We track the duration and frequency of each product appearance, capturing detailed timecodes and screenshots.
    • Prominence: We evaluate how prominently products are displayed, whether in the background, partially, or fully visible.
    • Integration Quality: We assess how products are integrated into the storyline, determining their role and impact within the plot.
    • Natural Fit: We analyze the natural integration of products into scenes, which influences viewer perception and can enhance or detract from brand image.
  2. Verbal Product Placement
  3. Own Product Placement Datasets
    • Our datasets are organized meticulously by brand, company, and product type.
  4. Historical Data and Trends
    • We provide insights into trends in product placement, studying historical data across genres and different types of media (Examples #1 and #2)
  5. Legal and Ethical Considerations
    • Compliance Tracking: We ensure all product placements meet legal requirements to mitigate risks and uphold brand integrity.
    • Ethical Impact Assessment: We evaluate the ethical implications of placements, especially in content viewed by vulnerable audiences.
  6. Customizable Reporting
    • Tailored to meet client-specific needs, our reports combine all tracked data and analyses.
  7. Product Placement Insights and Trends from Search Engines
    • At Pine Breeze Lab, we harness unique insights from search engine traffic to Bing and Google that lead visitors to our dedicated site, This approach allows us to capture and analyze data on product placements based on actual search behaviors, providing a unique layer of real-time and historical analysis. Here’s what we offer:
      • Top Searched Product Placements: We identify the most frequently searched-for products and brands.
      • Demographic and Geographic Trends: Our data includes detailed breakdowns by country, city, and region.
      • Audience Demographics: We analyze search-driven traffic to assess detailed audience demographics such as gender, age, and interests.
  8. On request, we can offer the following services, currently in beta testing:

  9. Video Clips: Video product placement examples.
  10. Sentiment Analysis
    • Emotional Context: We track the emotional setting in which products are featured, assessing whether the context is positive, negative, or neutral.
    • Character Alignment: We analyze character interactions with products to ensure brand values are reflected through suitable character associations.
    • Viewer Engagement: We measure viewer engagement and reactions to product placements. This can involve collecting and analyzing data from various sources such as visitor analytics from, ratings, social media comments, etc.
  11. Hidden Masked Product Placement Detection
    • We specialize in detecting subtle product placements where the product’s logo is not visible—covered by stickers, digitally removed, or intentionally obscured. This service is essential for uncovering covert brand presence in various media, ensuring that even hidden logos are recognized.
  12. Authenticity Enhancement Brand / Product Analysis
    • We analyze the inclusion of products, such as cars or other branded items, that appear in films primarily to enhance the setting’s authenticity rather than as paid product placements. These items contribute to creating a believable and immersive environment, reflecting the era or lifestyle depicted, without serving promotional purposes.
  13. Plot Integration
    • Our services include a thorough analysis of how products are woven into the plot, considering both their visual presence and verbal mentions.

Why Choose Pine Breeze Lab? Since 2015, Pine Breeze Lab has been a leader in the field of product placement analysis. Operating the detailed database, we are equipped to provide unparalleled insights into the nuances of product visibility and integration, helping brands leverage their presence in the entertainment industry effectively.

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