Top 10 Vodka Brands Featured in 2023 U.S. Movies and TV Shows

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The most popular vodka brands featured in U.S. movies and TV shows in 2023.

Vodka Product Placement

  • Ketel One leads with 77 appearances in U.S. movies and TV shows.
  • Tito’s follows closely, spotted 67 times throughout the year.
  • Smirnoff makes the top three, featured in 49 productions.
  • Absolut and SKYY are also popular, with 38 and 27 spots respectively.
  • Stolichnaya and Cîroc appear frequently, with 22 and 19 mentions.
  • Emerging brands like Roxx Vodka are gaining visibility with 18 appearances.
  • Premium choices like Grey Goose and Reyka Vodka round out the list with 16 and 12 appearances.

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