The Top Whisky and Bourbon Brands Featured in U.S. Movies and TV Shows in 2023

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The infographic shows and compares the number of product placements of the top whiskey and bourbon brands in U.S. movies and TV series that have been released in the year 2023.

The most popular whisky and bourbon brands in 2023's U.S. movies and TV shows

  • Jack Daniel’s leads with the highest frequency of appearances, totaling 96 instances.
  • Johnnie Walker is prominently featured, with 65 recorded appearances.
  • The Glenlivet maintains a strong presence, appearing 55 times across various media.
  • Jameson closely follows, with a total of 54 appearances.
  • Bulleit Bourbon demonstrates significant brand visibility with 27 appearances.
  • Equal visibility is noted for Jim Beam, Crown Royal, and Maker’s Mark, each having 25 appearances.
  • Blanton’s is noted for its visibility in 20 instances.
  • Canadian Club is featured 19 times, while Fireball Cinnamon Whisky appears in 18 instances.
  • The Macallan is featured in 17 appearances.
  • Wild Turkey and Cutty Sark are moderately visible with 11 and 10 appearances respectively.
  • Lagavulin appears 7 times.

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