The Most Featured Alcohol Beverage Brands in 2023 Movies and TV Shows

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The infographic shows a comparison of which alcoholic beverage brands use product placement the most. The data is based on an analysis of all U.S. movies and TV series released in 2023.

alcohol brand appearances in 2023 movies and TV shows

  • Budweiser leads with a significant margin, appearing 239 times.
  • Miller follows as the second most visible brand with 169 appearances.
  • Coors is also prominently featured, appearing 138 times.
  • Blue Moon Brewing Company and Bud Light are also highly visible, with 131 and 112 appearances respectively.
  • Jack Daniel’s stands out among spirits with 93 spots.
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon and Heineken show strong presence with 90 and 88 appearances respectively.
  • Miller Lite and Miller High Life both have notable appearances, indicating a strong showing for the Miller brands across different products.
  • The list features a range of spirits, beers, and other alcoholic beverages, highlighting diverse product placement strategies.
  • Other Brands collectively make up 51 appearances, suggesting a wide array of less dominant brands also gaining visibility.

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